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Consistent with Deborah’s long-term strategic plan, a comprehensive planning and assessment study revealed an imperative need for investments, including the construction of a new in-patient tower consisting of contemporary private patient suites and the renovation of all current double occupancy in-patient rooms to private. The new design will modernize and enhance patient environments and will include upgrades with the latest technology providing continuous patient monitoring, wellness and comfort. Anyone who has ever been in a hospital understands the benefits of a private room.

 * The following pictures are architectural concepts

New Reception Area Rendering

New Patient Rooms

Private in-patient suites have become the industry standard throughout healthcare facilities in this country, and with good reason. Single patient rooms alleviate a multitude of patient concerns most notably, they provide adequate space for families to visit and participate in the healing process while providing the privacy patients need during bedside treatments and sensitive discussions.

Deborah’s new patient floors will be wellness-oriented incorporating family-centered care with abundant natural light, colors, and texture…all part of a therapeutic healing environment. Privacy also translates to comfort, a more relaxed atmosphere and more uninterrupted sleep leading to shorter hospital stays. There is enough stress associated with a hospital stay and although a hospital could never quite offer the comfort of home, it could certainly feel less clinical and less overwhelming. That is exactly what these new patient suites will provide.

Private Suite rendering image

Staff Respite

A contemporary expansion also signifies a new era of technology. The additional space will accommodate new, embedded equipment, and bedside medical technologies. The design process is structured to enhance nursing care with decentralized work stations, facilitating staff’s ability to work closer to the patients. Also included are comforting lounges for much needed respite space for our caregivers. What we are planning is not a radical change from Deborah’s beliefs and methods, but an orchestrated step in our continued evolution. We will always remain committed to providing the highest quality and most compassionate specialized healthcare…anywhere.

New building respite area rendering


Over the last 100 years, millions of patients and families have been able to rely on Deborah Heart and Lung Center as a highly rated organization providing compassionate and specialized care to all who seek our expertise.

As part of this experience, our patients have benefited from Deborah’s guiding principle, “There is NO price on life.” This philosophy allows for Deborah to provide life-saving care and treatment in the hospital to patients without insurance and waive balance bills for the patients who do. This has been a persistent drumbeat throughout our history. It is, coupled with our innovative techniques and exceptional medical outcomes, what sets us dramatically apart from other healthcare organizations. Although Deborah accepts most major insurance, there is no co-pay, deductible or balance billing. We have always believed that no one should be forced to make a medical decision based on their personal financial situation. So, we eliminate that burden from their decision-making process. This unique practice is only made possible by the generous philanthropic gifts we receive from thousands of caring individuals and organizations each year.

It is, therefore, our goal to establish a special sustainability fund that will grow over time, to allow Deborah to maintain our altruistic billing philosophy while investing in creative program development and emerging treatments, further enhancing our outstanding reputation and impact in our community.

Physician and equipment

Video Walk-Through

The world over, Deborah Heart and Lung Center has earned an iconic reputation for heart, lung and vascular specialty care. We’ve earned this status by honoring our patient-focused approach resulting in exceptional medical outcomes.

On the cusp of our 100th Anniversary (2022), we wanted you to be among the first to see how we plan to equip Deborah for our next century of service, as we embark on an unprecedented campaign.

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